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The calculations estimated in this program are intended to reflect the estimated increase in a property's tax bill related to the bond proposition along with any potential change in a property’s Michigan Homestead Property Tax Credit related to the increase in property taxes.

2022 Michigan Homestead Property Tax Credit - Households that pay homestead property taxes greater than 3.2% of their annual household resources may be eligible for Michigan's Homestead Property Tax Credit. Eligible households may deduct up to 60% (up to 100% for senior citizens) of the millage increase cost up to a $1,600 Homestead Tax Credit limit. The eligibility for the credit begins to decrease after household resources exceeds $54,000 and ends completely after the household income exceeds $63,000 or the taxable value exceeds $143,000. If 100% of household resources is received from the Family Independence Program of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, taxpayers do not qualify for a homestead property tax credit. See for more information on the Michigan Homestead Property Tax Credit.

If you qualify for the Michigan Homestead Property Tax Credit, please consult your accountant/tax advisor or preparer to determine the actual impact on your taxes.

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